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Our learning communities 

Our Engage & Educate learning communities have been put together with the needs of learners in mind offering a range of courses, activities and resources to suit your needs.

You may belong to one or many of these. No problem! Choose the learning community that appeals to you at the moment, and have a look at what's on offer.


You spoke, and we heard! Designed by women, for women, this community has chats, resources and courses covering everything from wellbeing to work readiness...

Jump in and see what you can find! 


We know parenting doesn't come with a handbook, so we're here to help you out!

Practical parenting offers a variety of evidence-based courses covering everything from toddlers to teens!

See if there's something here to help you!


KIDZ ZONE is a safe, online space that children and their parents can confidently access to find information about safety, personal development and their rights.

A fun mix of animations, games and music, this space is designed with kids in mind!


Preparing yourself for work isn't just about tailoring your CV. It is about preparing yourself mentally - about developing a winner mindset!

Based in positive psychology, our tailored coaching & training will help you overcome barriers, set goals and then achieve them. We will also link you to local jobs and employers!

If you think this would benefit you - jump in and have a look!


Your mental wellbeing is the unique way that you handle your emotions, respond to stress and also your general outlook on life. Having a healthy sense of mental wellbeing has many benefits.

You deserve to be the best possible you!

Check out our helpful range of local resources and links.



Keep up to date with everything local, and also lots of fund activities and resources.

This is a space for young people to get connected and get stuff happening.

We're just developing this space, so can't wait to hear all your ideas!



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