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so...what's this all about?

DBCYP has been working to support women to find independence and financial stability through fair paid work for the last few years. We have come to learn a lot about the barriers that are specific to women in work - from finding the confidence to believe in themselves, to managing the juggle with children, caring responsibilities, to keeping their qualifications and experience up to date.

Increasingly, women have come to us with the request - can we do something to learn about setting up my own business?
So - we listened! And with some funding from the Queensland governments Advancing Women in Business initiative, and the support of local business and women's groups, we are now thrilled to be launching our first of three courses for women - exploring enterprise!       

....and how will it work?

Designed by women for women, exploring enterprise will start on 22nd Feb and will run for 12 weeks. It is an online course on our new Engage & Educate website, and it has a mix of videos, worksheets, live group sessions, and your own Facebook group to get to know each other!

There’s 6 modules to take you from generating your idea (yep - you don't need to have that just yet!) to answering the questions

  • Is self-employment the right option for me?
  • What are the nuts and bolts of setting up my own business?
  • How do I look after myself and feel confident, competent and worthy of my own business?

You’ll have access to coaching and local business mentors, and, so most importantly, a network of women doing exactly what you’re doing – exploring enterprise.

If this sounds like you, even just a little bit right now, click here to register for updates on upcoming courses and we’ll see you soon to explore YOUR enterprise.

...and finally, what do i need?

Well...by being here reading this, you've already got the most important thing - interest in your own future! But yes, on top of that, you will need a few things

  • 3-4 hours a week for 12 weeks, to commit to attending the sessions and doing the tasks in each module,
  • a laptop or tablet, and reasonable WiFi to log into the live sessions,
  • a notebook, pens, and somewhere to store your work,
  • a fun, can do attitude, and the willingness to jump in and have a go!

II you might have a problem with any of this, we are absolutely here to help, so please drop us at line at [email protected] to chat, and click here to register for updates NOW!

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